Walk 21 Kilometres for christian aid
help fight poverty


We are delighted to announce the 24K4CA walk raised over £6,500 providing much needed funds for Christian Aid projects.

On behalf of the Committee, thank you to all that took part and volunteered on the day - without your support this just would not have been possible.

Next year's walk is on Saturday 12th May - diary it now and share with your friends! It's a fun sociable way to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

If you have any photos of the walk, please share via our FaceBook page.

Thank you again
East Herts Christian Aid


The first East Herts Christian Aid Sponsored Walk took place in the 1960s when people had never heard of the concept of ‘sponsorship’.

The first event took place at night and gradually built up in popularity with many schoolchildren and their teachers taking part as well as many adults. The area of churches taking part spread to Ware and then to Broxbourne.

Taking part over the past 50 years has given indelible memories that will remain for life for the thousands of walkers who have taken part.

Over the years the event has raised over £500,000 pounds for Christian Aid.

Click on the registration form to take part and keep the tradition going for another year.

If you or your church would like to join us please contact us at:  kaypitt40@gmail.com